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30 OCTOBER, 2020


Tanuja Kothiyal


Nico Slate (Carnegie Mellon)

From ‘saltless diet’ to Salt March:

The irony of Gandhi’s bodily politics


06 NOVEMBER, 2020

Tanuja Kothiyal

Salt routes in colonial India:
From trade to smuggling

Miles Taylor

The salt tax, starvation and disease in colonial India, c. 1860-1930


20 NOVEMBER, 2020

Indrajit Ray

Scarcity amidst abundance:
The salt controversy in colonial Bengal

Kate Boehme

Salt, smuggling, and citizenship:

Redefining economic autonomy through salt in India’s princely states, 1870-1920


27 NOVEMBER, 2020

Rosalind Parr

Self-sacrifice, suffrage and salt:

Being a Gandhian woman, 1930-4

Elisa Decourcy

Salt and national imag(in)ing in Gandhi’s anti-colonial nationalist movement

04 DECEMBER, 2020

Rachel Berger

Regulation as performance:
Setting the salt march against the regulation of food in late nationalist India


Ashwin Zala

The global impact of the Dandi Salt March

11 DECEMBER, 2020

Ashok Malhotra

British imperial goitre studies and the lack of public health interventions involving the mass distribution of iodized salt to Indians, 1906-1941


Namrata Ganneri

Amrit Kaur:
from Dandi Satyagraha to the Ministry of Health


18 DECEMBER, 2020

Kapil Yadav & Chandrakant Pandav

From iodine to iron:
Ramalingaswami and the importance of salt to public health since the 1950s

David Arnold